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    It’s over.. Move over!

    Tadow! How you like us now?

    Guess who got the Republican nomination? Well, not Danielle Stella lol. The Republican party is like : “Well, F it, we ain’t going to nominate some kind of bozo with the IQ of a marshmallow”, so they’ve nominated Lacy Johnson. Danielle, you can’t win in life. Just stop running. Or are you after the dollars from your donors? Time will tell!

    R.I.P Natina. And people, please be safe in these uncertain times. Take care of yourself, and each other. Peace.

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    Ballin’ Outta Control!

    Who dat?

    Check this out! The quarterly FEC numbers are in, and guess who is swimming in that doe? Your girl Danielle Marie Sheridan is swimming in the doe like that old grandpa from DuckTales. That’s right:

    Not bad for someone that has a warrant for her arrest, no custody of her daughter and can’t even talk in a normal way. You know that when Stella is getting paid, Southern Jack strategies (Alex Rountree) is going to get paid, right? $23,500. Cha-ching! Here are all the documents. Danielle Marie Sheridan is ballin’ outta control!

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    I’m Rich, Trick!

    Don’t call it a comeback!

    So, check this out. The new FEC filings are in, and guess what? Danielle Stella is LOADED! Check out these numbers (Click on the images to see them in full size):

    As you can see Danielle Stella is very busy with fundraising, and she is actually doing good for someone that is too scared to knock on doors and too scared to debate while having a warrant out for her arrest. Operating Expenditures is 37K… She paid Southern Jack Strategies 15K! That’s quite interesting. Does Danielle Stella have a Stella2020 bus? We doubt it. Anyway, only fools would vote Danielle Stella, because she is not a serious candidate. She doesn’t debate, doesn’t show her face and is hiding from the law. Get that paper!

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    Operation: Let Danielle obey the law

    It’s for real now!

    Danielle still didn’t turn herself in. As you all might know there is a warrant for her arrest (She didn’t show up at the last 2 court hearings). Here is the information:

    Name: Danielle Marie Sheridan
    DOB: 04/14/88
    Court case number: 27-CR-19-5525
    Last known address: The one in Brooklyn Park (55429)

    Warrant phone number: 612-348-2000
    Twin Cities Apprehension Team (Bounty Hunter): 612-254-7400
    Brooklyn Park Police: (763) 493-8222
    Hennepin County police: 612-348-3744 

    Please call them and let them know that Danielle Sheridan is a fugitive and that she can’t ignore the law!

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    Release the hounds!


    Because Danielle Marie Sheridan (Danielle Stella) is still a fugitive, we want to help the law a little bit. If Danielle doesn’t turn herself in within the next 3 days, we will contact local bounty hunters to get her arrested.

    We have Danielle’s address, but we want to verify it. If you also are in possession of Danielle’s address, please contact us so that we can verify it. Postal code is 55429/55430.

    We hope that Danielle is smart enough to turn herself in within the next 3 days. If not, we will let the bounty hunters know and RELEASE THE HOUNDS :P.

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    Personal message for Danielle Stella

    Dear Danielle,

    We know it’s not easy being you at this moment. You are a fugitive. Nobody is taking you serious at this moment and people are tired of your lies. That’s why you’ve lost friends in the past. You don’t have custody of your daughter, you don’t have that much of a social life and guess who the number one visitor is of this site… Yep, that’s you.

    The best thing for you is to obey the law and face the music. It’s a lose/lose battle at this moment. And while you are at it, drop out of the race. You are not going to win. The more you wait, the worse it will get when it comes to the law:

    But feel free to do whatever you want to do. This is free advice from the Danielle-Stella.com team. Peace and chicken grease! Give up your guns and face the law:

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    Let the law end


    Danielle Stella once again didn’t show up at the hearing. Yup, it’s unbelievable. It’s obvious that Danielle doesn’t obey the law and thinks that she is above the law.

    We want to paint the picture for you. See, Danielle Stella (Danielle Sheridan) doesn’t have custody of her daughter for over 8 years now. Her parents have full custody of her daughter. This criminal behaviour is not helping her custody battle. Plus Danielle Stella doesn’t have a job. Who is paying her lawyer? And what does Danielle have to hide?

    Anyway, it’s obvious that Danielle Stella is heading to self destruction. It was only 4 years ago that she got evicted from her previous home. She’s lost in La La Land.

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    Judgement Day?

    Yo, This Esco, Who this?

    There will be a hearing today at 1:30 PM, and we are still not sure what this could mean, because Danielle is still listed as a fugitive. A possibility could be that her lawyer will go for a plea deal and in exchange Danielle could turn herself in. Or maybe there will be a default judgement if she doesn’t show up. Anyway, it’s all in the air right now, and hopefully we will know more later today. And when we know, you will know, ya heard?

    The hearing will be at the Government Center (300 South 6th Street). Case number is 27-CR-19-5525 in room GC-C1657 (Judge Bartolomei). The hearing will start at 1:30PM. You are very welcome to join the hearing. Please let us know if you are going!

    We would like to ask everyone who is going to be there to be respectful. Don’t take pics inside the courtroom and don’t banter. Danielle Stella deserves a fair trial just like everyone else. Thanks!