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    The debate of the year!

    Oohwee! Are you ready for the comedy event of the year? Y’all can’t be ready for this one. Danielle Stella will debate Lacy Johnson on Monday, July 20, at 6:30 p.m. And guess what? There will be a live stream! So you better grab your popcorn, ya heard? You can also send in your questions! All the details are on THIS link. Man, this is going to be epic. Are you ready for this intellectual genius and mastermind that knows all the answers to all the problems in the world?

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    Amateur hour @ Danielle Stella HQ

    Fa sho!

    Check this out. So Danielle Stella shared another part of an interview with some of her followers. Like everything Stella: Amateur hour. Bad lighting? Check! Recorded with a messy background? Check! Bad sound? Check! Worst cutting job in the history of video? Check! Danielle Stella not playing with a full deck? Double check, like always!

    Without sound you would think that someone is making some threats. Anyway, enjoy. We didn’t do any editing. This is how she shared it. And guess what homies? How can you make such a video when you have raised over $120K? F.E.C., are you listening?

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    Face down / A%% up!

    You better recognize!

    So our thieving-no custody having-online campaigning Danielle Stella is being roasted on Facebook because she wants the churches to fully open during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you all know she is all about family values and back to the 60s kinda sicko stuff. You know, way back in the day when it was A-OK to put people in the back of the bus. Anyhow, here is how Danielle Stella likes to demonstrate family values. She is actually not that conservative. Face down / A%% up thot style!

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    Stella is trying to censor us

    It’s hard for a playa!

    Real talk! Danielle Stella is all about freedom of speech (and she is still crying about the fact that Twitter banned her butt), but when someone else is critical about her she sends out fraudulent copyright strikes. See, we posted a funny video on YouTube a while ago of Danielle Stella trying to talk… And she sent out a copyright strike. As you all know that stuff doesn’t faze us, so our big homie Jared is uploading it again. Why? Because it’s funny, so check it out! Can you count how many times she is saying “And…”? Danielle, when are you going to learn that you are a hypocrite? Why don’t you go out and get voters instead of being an online keyboard warrior? Or are you only in it for the love of $$$? Oh, and as an added bonus: A picture of Danielle Stella being glorious. Family values, you’ve gotta feel us!

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    Danielle Stella vs the GOP

    It’ soooo coooooooold in the D!

    What it do? So, the prez has endorsed Lacy Johnson instead of Danielle Stella. Now Danielle is all mad at the GOP. Check this vid out. She is using the religion card, but who is the person that did break the 10 commandments by stealing over $2300 @ Target? That’s right, yo girl right chea Danielle Stella. Anyway, she has over $125K in donations and still creates a video like she is in the basement or something. Madness! Don’t forget to check out our Danielle Stella Photo Gallery for spicy Danielle pics. Ooh la la!

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    It’s over.. Move over!

    Tadow! How you like us now?

    Guess who got the Republican nomination? Well, not Danielle Stella lol. The Republican party is like : “Well, F it, we ain’t going to nominate some kind of bozo with the IQ of a marshmallow”, so they’ve nominated Lacy Johnson. Danielle, you can’t win in life. Just stop running. Or are you after the dollars from your donors? Time will tell!

    R.I.P Natina. And people, please be safe in these uncertain times. Take care of yourself, and each other. Peace.

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    Ballin’ Outta Control!

    Who dat?

    Check this out! The quarterly FEC numbers are in, and guess who is swimming in that doe? Your girl Danielle Marie Sheridan is swimming in the doe like that old grandpa from DuckTales. That’s right:

    Not bad for someone that has a warrant for her arrest, no custody of her daughter and can’t even talk in a normal way. You know that when Stella is getting paid, Southern Jack strategies (Alex Rountree) is going to get paid, right? $23,500. Cha-ching! Here are all the documents. Danielle Marie Sheridan is ballin’ outta control!

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    I’m Rich, Trick!

    Don’t call it a comeback!

    So, check this out. The new FEC filings are in, and guess what? Danielle Stella is LOADED! Check out these numbers (Click on the images to see them in full size):

    As you can see Danielle Stella is very busy with fundraising, and she is actually doing good for someone that is too scared to knock on doors and too scared to debate while having a warrant out for her arrest. Operating Expenditures is 37K… She paid Southern Jack Strategies 15K! That’s quite interesting. Does Danielle Stella have a Stella2020 bus? We doubt it. Anyway, only fools would vote Danielle Stella, because she is not a serious candidate. She doesn’t debate, doesn’t show her face and is hiding from the law. Get that paper!