Ah-yay yaaaay! Guess who got arrested on the 24th of November? Our main girl Danielle Stella / Danielle Marie Sheridan. Yes peeps, after almost 3 years we have some justice in this mother! It looks like Danielle was in jail for 5 days, and after that she posted bail ($5000). We are not sure if Danielle fell on hard times, because she now has a public defender. But check this, she now has all kind of rules she must abide to (Can’t leave Minnesota, contact with probation) and more of that good stuff. Let’s see if Danielle can abide rules, because she had lots of trouble with that in the past. And uuuh… Watch out for Big Bertha in jail, in case you’ll get arrested again, ya heard! We will keep you up to date, real talk!

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