What it do?
So as you all might know Danielle Stella lost BIG (1% of the total votes, no surprise there lol). Check the above numbers. According to Danielle Stella she spent 132K (Of the 135K) on the campaign. That sounds kinda fishy, because she didn’t do almost no promotion (No radio, tv, bus, billboards, signs etc. etc.). So where did the money go to? Most of it went to Southern Jack Strategies (Alex Rountree) for consulting services. Really? What kind of consulting did she get? Because even Sarah Palin would do a better job. But check this out: There are some rumors that an invenstigation is pending. The FEC only alerts the public after the investigation is done, so there is no way for us to verify this information 100%. Let’s see if this is real talk. Did Danielle Stella just run for the mighty dollar? Check the numbers HERE. Danielle Marie Sheridan, they are coming for you! They ready!

If you are also doubting the campaign finances, and you want to report Danielle Stella, pleace contact the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. You can contact them by e-mail or by phone. Thank you!!

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