It’s almost 1999

What it do?

Primaries will be held in Minneapolis on August 11 (Tuesday). Everybody and their momma know that Danielle Stella is going to lose, but we will be here to follow the disaster minute by minute. So make sure you check out the coverage on our website!

It wouldn’t be a surprise to us if Stella runs again in 2024. Let’s be honest: She is not really campaigning (Only posting some stuff on Social Media) and she still pulls in doe. That’s easy money. Why not pull the same trick again? It’s not like she is a lady with lots of talent.

What’s next? We will keep following Danielle Stella after the defeat. She is still on the run from the popo, and she raised 136K, but it’s a mystery to us what she is exactly doing with that money. The FEC might take a look at it. And last but not least: She is fun to follow! Dumb as a brick, voice like a crow and she has absolutely no flow. Even Sarah Palin would be like “Damn bitch, you dumb”. A birdie told us that even her mom doesn’t want anything to do with her. We can’t blame her. According to someone that knows her personally:

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