Player’s night out

It’s a Suave thang!

The new FEC numbers are in, and in the last 3 months Danielle received “only” 17K in donations. That’s kinda bad when you compare it with the previous periods. Anyway, the total in donations is 136K, so Danielle is still ballin’ outta control. But where is the money going to? We don’t see any ads, a Stella2020 bus or a full fledged team doing the rounds.

Monday is the big day of the debate. Will Danielle show up? First debate she walked out within 3 minutes (pussy!), second debate she didn’t even showed up (pussy!), so let’s see if she is going to show up for this one. Let’s make Monday evening the players night out! But please make sure that you don’t wake up next to someone that is on the run, racist, doesn’t have custody and looks like someone from the planet fugly:

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