Stella is trying to censor us

It’s hard for a playa!

Real talk! Danielle Stella is all about freedom of speech (and she is still crying about the fact that Twitter banned her butt), but when someone else is critical about her she sends out fraudulent copyright strikes. See, we posted a funny video on YouTube a while ago of Danielle Stella trying to talk… And she sent out a copyright strike. As you all know that stuff doesn’t faze us, so our big homie Jared is uploading it again. Why? Because it’s funny, so check it out! Can you count how many times she is saying “And…”? Danielle, when are you going to learn that you are a hypocrite? Why don’t you go out and get voters instead of being an online keyboard warrior? Or are you only in it for the love of $$$? Oh, and as an added bonus: A picture of Danielle Stella being glorious. Family values, you’ve gotta feel us!

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