Personal message for Danielle Stella

Dear Danielle,

We know it’s not easy being you at this moment. You are a fugitive. Nobody is taking you serious at this moment and people are tired of your lies. That’s why you’ve lost friends in the past. You don’t have custody of your daughter, you don’t have that much of a social life and guess who the number one visitor is of this site… Yep, that’s you.

The best thing for you is to obey the law and face the music. It’s a lose/lose battle at this moment. And while you are at it, drop out of the race. You are not going to win. The more you wait, the worse it will get when it comes to the law:

But feel free to do whatever you want to do. This is free advice from the Danielle-Stella.com team. Peace and chicken grease! Give up your guns and face the law:

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