Judgement Day?

Yo, This Esco, Who this?

There will be a hearing today at 1:30 PM, and we are still not sure what this could mean, because Danielle is still listed as a fugitive. A possibility could be that her lawyer will go for a plea deal and in exchange Danielle could turn herself in. Or maybe there will be a default judgement if she doesn’t show up. Anyway, it’s all in the air right now, and hopefully we will know more later today. And when we know, you will know, ya heard?

The hearing will be at the Government Center (300 South 6th Street). Case number is 27-CR-19-5525 in room GC-C1657 (Judge Bartolomei). The hearing will start at 1:30PM. You are very welcome to join the hearing. Please let us know if you are going!

We would like to ask everyone who is going to be there to be respectful. Don’t take pics inside the courtroom and don’t banter. Danielle Stella deserves a fair trial just like everyone else. Thanks!

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