Money Money, Mighty Dollar, Got to get my grind on…


Danielle Stella’s quarterly FEC filing is in! According to the filing she received $45.104,32 in the last 3 months. That’s whoa!

The disbursements are kinda interesting. Rightside Lists received $9003,60 for “Online Fundraising Fees”. We guess that’s the 3rd party that collects the donations from her website. That’s A LOT of money.
Southern Jack Strategies received $3000 for “Campaign Manager Services” in 1 month. What kind of services are they providing?
Grant Taylor received $2800. It doesn’t state why he received that money. What the hell?
Anyway, check out the report HERE. We are still examining the documents. We are no financial wizards when it comes to FEC reports, so if you see something that we are missing, please contact us.

Bottom line: Danielle is loaded. $45.104 in the first 3 months is not bad. Gotta get that money money mighty dollar dollar!

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