Dark days & bright nights for Danielle Stella’s court cases

Check this out. Danielle Stella’s pre-trial hearing for the cat food theft was today and it seems like the cat food theft and Target theft hearings will be handled on the same day: 10/22. Check out the explanation by our legal expert.

There is just a generic notice of hearing on 10/22.  It appears to me that the misdemeanor case has been tagged with the felony case in order that they will be handled by the same judge.  There is also an entry in the court files (attached) that seems to relate to a contemplated guilty plea in the misdemeanor case.  I don’t do enough criminal work to be entirely clear about what happened today procedurally. Accordingly I can’t confirm for certain that there will be a guilty plea in the misdemeanor case.  My educated prediction is that if the court’s psychiatrist rejects the mental illness defense, she will plead guilty on both cases on 10/22, perhaps under an agreement that the felony case be lowered to a misdemeanor in exchange for her plea.  We shall see . . .

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