New beginnings

These texts are between Danielle Stella, Randall Blakeslee (Communications Director, Political Strategist) and Jodi (Former P.A.). At this time Scott was the treasurer. These communications are mostly about campaign funding, and how they don’t trust Scott. These messages we’re sent on June 30.

We blocked out the names of people that don’t have anything to do with politics (Like Danielle’s ex boyfriend), with exception of “Charles” (Someone much older than Danielle who she is close to. According to a former staffer she calls him “Sugar Daddy”) and Grant (Council member in Minnesota).

These messages starts with Randall and Danielle gaslighting each other about Scott. You can also see that Danielle mentions Charles a lot of times, and she keeps asking him for advice. It almost seems like Danielle can’t make a decision without consulting Charles.

Randall is the current treasurer. As you can see, several months ago he didn’t know what a FEC filing was.

Scott got fired a day later (July 1). He filed a police report 3 weeks later because according to Scott he loaned Danielle his laptop, but never got it back.

Jodi quit the Danielle Stella 2020 campaign a few days later.

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