Court case today for the Target shoplifting

Danielle was in court today, and she went for the “mental illness” defense. Interesting, because a couple of weeks ago she said the arrest was “Politically motivated”. So Danielle, what is it? Anyway, next court date is October 22

I wasn’t at the hearing today but reviewed the records in a government records database that makes it much easier to obtain (public) records than what the general public has access to. (I have access because I’m a government attorney.) Today Danielle S asserted a mental illness/cognitive impairment defense – effectively arguing that she’s not responsible for the crime due to a mental impairment. There is a follow up hearing scheduled in October. I am confused by the use of the phrase “probable cause” in this context, as well as the fact that someone (the records don’t make it clear who) apparently filed a notice of appeal today. I don’t know what the appeal relates to. Hennepin County is unusual in that the court has its own mental health staff – they are normally the initial evaluators of whether there is a viable mental illness defense, though the defense and county attorney normally hire their own experts for this purpose as well. I actually handled a first degree murder case in Hennepin some years ago and secured a full acquittal for my client with a mental illness defense. They very rarely succeed but it does happen occasionally.

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