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    Big bad Mama

    Sup peeps? It’s been a a long time.. We shouldn’t left you… Without an update on Danielle Stella!
    So yeah, June 2021 and Stella is still a fugitive. But check this out. We’ve got our hands on the court order with proof that Danielle Stella doesn’t have custody of her child. It’s a #doozie , so sit back and relax:

    Danielle Stella decided not to get a lawyer… Typical #DanielleStella style:

    This shit is shocking:

    This is crazy:


    Got kicked out at least once:



    Drugs and Alcohol…. Whoa!

    Sad yo:

    Danielle Stella still doesn’t have custody of her child, according to the court records. That’s 8 years with no custody. We have reached out to Danielle Stella, but at the time of this post we didn’t hear back from Danielle.

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    What it do?
    So as you all might know Danielle Stella lost BIG (1% of the total votes, no surprise there lol). Check the above numbers. According to Danielle Stella she spent 132K (Of the 135K) on the campaign. That sounds kinda fishy, because she didn’t do almost no promotion (No radio, tv, bus, billboards, signs etc. etc.). So where did the money go to? Most of it went to Southern Jack Strategies (Alex Rountree) for consulting services. Really? What kind of consulting did she get? Because even Sarah Palin would do a better job. But check this out: There are some rumors that an invenstigation is pending. The FEC only alerts the public after the investigation is done, so there is no way for us to verify this information 100%. Let’s see if this is real talk. Did Danielle Stella just run for the mighty dollar? Check the numbers HERE. Danielle Marie Sheridan, they are coming for you! They ready!

    If you are also doubting the campaign finances, and you want to report Danielle Stella, pleace contact the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. You can contact them by e-mail or by phone. Thank you!!

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    Woop woop! Danielle Stella lost! We are having a Zoom party at this moment, celebrating the fact that Danielle Stella is a loser. We would like to thank everybody that made this site possible, too many to name. And we would like to thank you, the visitor! Y’all making this planet a better place! Here is a pic of us at our launch party last year right here in Minnie. Peace! Party don’t stop!

    Danielle Stella received only 1% of the total votes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Today is the day! The primaries are ongoing as we speak right here in Minneapolis. Will Danielle Stella win the primaries? Hell to the no! But let’s see how well she is going to do today! You can follow it real time on this LINK after the polls close at 8PM.

    Over the last year we tried to warn people for Danielle Stella. A woman that has no custody, an outstanding warrant and a checkered past. Over 100.000 unique visitors checked out our site and know the truth. Let’s see if we will see it back in the results.

    Peace to the streets! And please take care of yourself and each other while voting!

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    Danielle Stella debating Ilhan Omar!

    Off the heezy!

    So check this out. Last night Danielle Stella had a debate with several CD5 candidates, including Ilhan Omar. It’s everything what you think it would be plus more. Danielle slurring words like she is drunk, high or both? Check! Stella having problems making her point in 1 minute? Check! Stella having a modeling pic of Stella on her table? Check! It’s one big failfest, check it out:

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    It’s almost 1999

    What it do?

    Primaries will be held in Minneapolis on August 11 (Tuesday). Everybody and their momma know that Danielle Stella is going to lose, but we will be here to follow the disaster minute by minute. So make sure you check out the coverage on our website!

    It wouldn’t be a surprise to us if Stella runs again in 2024. Let’s be honest: She is not really campaigning (Only posting some stuff on Social Media) and she still pulls in doe. That’s easy money. Why not pull the same trick again? It’s not like she is a lady with lots of talent.

    What’s next? We will keep following Danielle Stella after the defeat. She is still on the run from the popo, and she raised 136K, but it’s a mystery to us what she is exactly doing with that money. The FEC might take a look at it. And last but not least: She is fun to follow! Dumb as a brick, voice like a crow and she has absolutely no flow. Even Sarah Palin would be like “Damn bitch, you dumb”. A birdie told us that even her mom doesn’t want anything to do with her. We can’t blame her. According to someone that knows her personally:

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    Danielle Stella didn’t show up to her own debate… Again!

    Well, Danielle Stella is scared like always… Once again she didn’t show up to a debate. We call that a chicken, a pussy and a coward. Anyway, crooked politicians do crazy things, don’t we all agree? She is too scared to be arrested by the popo for the outstanding warrant. Let’s see which lie she is going to use this time. So this is what aired instead of the debate. Check out the ticker at the bottom.

    Update: According to Stella she did show up, but Lacy Johnson didn’t. What a shitshow. If that is true, then it’s probably because Dalia al-Aqidi dropped out Lacy does not think it’s worth his time to debate just Danielle ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    We need Men!

    On the real!

    So Danielle Stella sent us a voice message last night and she told us that we need men. We are not sure what she is talking about, but it’s hilarious. We at the Danielle-Stella.com HQ are still wondering if she did take drugs, or if she forgot to take drugs. Check it out, it’s hilarious:

    Today she did a radio interview. It was a big snooze fest because the host didn’t had the balls to ask her the real questions. One caller managed to sneak some questions in, but the host muted him when it got too heated for Danielle. Check it out around the 51:00 mark:

    Don’t forget the debate this Monday. We will be posting the livestream when the debate begins!

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    Player’s night out

    It’s a Suave thang!

    The new FEC numbers are in, and in the last 3 months Danielle received “only” 17K in donations. That’s kinda bad when you compare it with the previous periods. Anyway, the total in donations is 136K, so Danielle is still ballin’ outta control. But where is the money going to? We don’t see any ads, a Stella2020 bus or a full fledged team doing the rounds.

    Monday is the big day of the debate. Will Danielle show up? First debate she walked out within 3 minutes (pussy!), second debate she didn’t even showed up (pussy!), so let’s see if she is going to show up for this one. Let’s make Monday evening the players night out! But please make sure that you don’t wake up next to someone that is on the run, racist, doesn’t have custody and looks like someone from the planet fugly: